Krystina Friedlander

387 Lafayette Rd. Unit 204
Hampton, NH 03842
p. (617) 768-7619
f. (617) 500-9319


I am a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed in New Hampshire, serving the greater Seacoast, NH area, traveling as far as Concord, Nashua, Southern Maine, and Boston. My office is located at Relief Parenting in Hampton, NH, where I also offer HypnoBirthing classes and clinical herbal consultations (though much of my prenatal care occurs in peoples’ homes). My midwifery clients may choose between home birth and birth at the Concord Birth Center. For a full list of my services, including comprehensive midwifery care and doula support, please see my website.

I am a graduate of the National Midwifery Institute and received my midwifery certification and NH license in October 2018. I began working with pregnant people and families in 2010, providing doula support and HypnoBirthing education in the greater Boston area, and began attending home births as an apprentice in an intimate midwifery practice in 2013. My daughter was born at home in Cambridge in 2014, and at four years old knows a great deal about birth! I completed my midwifery training at the high volume Concord Birth Center in the spring of 2018, and I continue to learn so much from midwives in different practice styles.

I strongly value diversity and recognize the particular challenges faced by racial, ethnic, religious, migrant, LGBTQ+ and other communities marginalized within the medical care system and in the United States, and particularly midwives of color in the midwifery and medical communities. I am committed to the practice of anti-racism, to the multidimensional wellness of my clients and their communities, and to the growth and flourishing of a diverse community of midwives.