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Here is a list of Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Placenta Encapsulators and Birth Photographers that are serving New Hampshire families.

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Nicole Stratis

Abdominal Massage & Craniosacral Therapy

Licensed massage therapist and registered craniosacral therapist, Nicole specializes in abdominal massage which supports uterine, bladder, and digestive health, especially for those on their conception journey or during postpartum care. It is indicated for anything from prolapse to fertility challenges to urinary incontinence to low back pain and more. In her craniosacral practice, she specializes in supporting optimal nervous system function - ie: nourishing the body and mind to find ease and resilience, even during challenging times. People seek this modality for anything from headaches to anxiety to nerve pain to emotional stress. She also has a background in herbalism and weaves this into her practice, such as offering herbal pelvic steams. Her office is located in Newington, NH. She also does at-home visits in NH, eastern MA, and southern ME (mainly for pediatrics and postpartum). Click on our logo to see our website.

Allison Morgan

Doula, Educator,

Placenta Specialist

Bringing new life into this world is extraordinary, and we understand that there is a lot of new or unfamiliar territory that you may be discovering. During your fertility journey, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, you deserve to feel empowered, informed and supported. We deeply care about your emotional, physical and mental wellness, and we value the journey that you are on. Using a holistic and thoughtful approach, we provide a range of services including birth doula services, postpartum doula services, childbirth & lactation education and placenta encapsulation. Click on our picture to be linked to our website.

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