NHMA Meeting Minutes for 5/6/2019 at the Concord Birth Center

Members Present at meeting:

  • Morgan Gains, Krystina Friedlander, Sherry Stevens, Jennifer Ross, Cindy Owen, Bryn Munroe, Bethany Witten, Isabel and Celia Bannenberg via video chat

10:05 Purchase of GoToMeeting was voted in at the last meeting, continued discussion of the Pro vs. the Regular version of the software, decision made to purchase the regular version of the software. Attempted to purchase on the spot at the meeting but the NHMA credit card is inactive.

10:20 Discussed changes in communications, upcoming bi-monthly newsletter, yahoo-group will stay active for members who prefer to use that platform, official NHMA communications will come via email and we will put a reminder onto the yahoo-group when we can.

Meetings will be announced via email with a reminder on the yahoo-group and facebook page.

Resource center on the website is nearly ready – call to action for the community, if you have any documents you’d like to see on the page please send to Krystina at NHMidwivesAssociation@gmail.com (for example: Ultrasound referral forms for specific practices, referral to MFM, where do you buy O2 locally, highly recommended community resources – pediatrician, grief support etc). Members please note the OPLC website is still the official house for NH Midwives documentation, links will be provided on the members resource page but please check the OPLC for updates.

Discussed options to update the OPLC website page to make it more user friendly. Sherry requests input on what CM’s would like to see on this page.

10:40 Discussed upcoming July meeting 7/22 at Celia’s house. This meeting will be a FUN meeting with a focus on getting to know each other, socializing and a picnic. Celia has generously invited us to come have a BBQ around her pool, so please bring a potluck item and anything for yourself you’d like to grill!! There will be a supply swap – request to members to bring supplies they would like to trade/swap. We will be donating any items you don’t want to take home to a charitable midwifery organization.

If you have any old NHMA items please bring them, we are trying to consolidate. Items include things like handouts, pens, official documents etc. Jennifer will begin to compile them all.

10:49 Morgan proposed tabling at the Seacoast Mom & Baby Expo in October.

PROPOSAL: Purchase a table space at the Seacoast Mom & Baby Expo this October, 2019. Cost is $280. Aim is to increase the visibility of community midwives in New Hampshire. NHMA members can volunteer to staff the table and members can provide their business cards or swag they would like to hand out to the community. Voting is open to all voting members of the NHMA for a period of 10 days and will close May 20, 2019. Please send your votes to Jennifer Ross at midwifejross@gmail.com.

10:55 Discussed who needs NRP/CPR & if should invite Nell Tharpe back (recert would be winter 2020) or look into another person. Karen Strange was recommended and the NRP program at The Elliot Hospital was recommended.

11:05 Open floor to member suggestions for CEU’s. Suggestions: Microbiome, Bridging Program information, miscarriage, grief/loss counseling, IV workshop, suturing workshop.

11:28 Sherry requested that members do MEAC approved CEU’s for their re-certification. Please see Recertification Application on the OPLC for more information.

11:32 Review of upcoming meeting dates: 7/22, 9/9, 11/4. All meetings planned for 10am – 2pm

11:35 Open floor for other business – No other business brought up

11:38 Adjourn Meeting for lunch and Peer Review

12:20 Peer Review 2 cases

Kate Hartwell joined for peer Review