Amy Healey


First Moments Midwifery Service
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Amy Healey, a midwife for eighteen years, provides Women’s Health, GYN, and Primary Care in addition to OB, Pregnancy & Birth Care. Balancing professionalism and sensitivity with unhurried time allows your midwife to understand your health care needs and desires more fully. Schedule your annual exam, come in for GYN problems as they arise, ask health related questions, and review the recommended Pap test schedule according to your specific age and previous Pap test results. Consult with your midwife throughout your pregnancy and experience labor, birth, and postpartum care in the setting of your choice. Receive empowering health care, education, and counsel. Develop an equal partnership between yourself and your health care provider.

Two Offices:

First Moments Midwifery Service Hillsborough Office (primary site) Centrally located in Hillsborough, New Hampshire about halfway between the cities of Keene and Concord, New Hampshire.

First Moments Midwifery Service Concord Office (secondary site) Conveniently located at the River Guild next to Concord Birth Center in Concord, New Hampshire.

Admitting Privileges at Concord Birth Center in Concord, New Hampshire.

In Hillsborough, New Hampshire:
Office visits may be scheduled by appointment.
To schedule appointments, contact First Moments Midwifery Service (603) 848-1403.

In Concord, New Hampshire:
Office visits may be scheduled by appointment.
Check for scheduled clinic days at The River Guild 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
To schedule appointments, contact Amy directly (603) 848-1403.