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Monadnock Birth Center

Welcome to the Monadnock Birth Center - offering you a choice of birth in your home or in New Hampshire’s newest birth center!  Visit for a virtual tour.  Write to or call 603-352-5860 for a free visit and tour of the center.  Insurance is accepted.

The Monadnock Birth Center, just minutes from Keene, is ideally located to serve families in southern Vermont and New Hampshire and western Massachusetts, with an option of the Brattleboro office for added convenience for prenatal care.  The center is located in New Hampshire on Route 10, exactly 5.1 miles south of the traffic rotary at the junction of Routes 9 and 10 in Keene, and 6 miles north of Winchester, NH.

The center offers:

  • Two inviting birth suites designed for support and comfort for a special birth experience—each beautifully decorated and furnished with a cozy queen-sized bed, built-in birth tub, private bath, a deck, garden and woods, as well as a living room and fully-equipped kitchen for you and your family to use during your stay.
  • Complete care during your pregnancy and birth and in the days and weeks after the birth of your baby.  I work in partnership with you to help you have the healthiest and most joyous pregnancy and birth possible.
  • Lots of time during visits for all of your questions and a chance to get to know your midwife, as well as excellent birth preparation and ways to address pain in labor.
  • Personal care and support during your labor and birth in your home or at the center.
  • Lots of care for you and your new baby, including three visits at your home in the first week after your birth.

As a midwife, I have witnessed over and over again, that if pregnancy and birth are allowed and supported to unfold as nature intended, without pressure and without interference, that birth can be safe, joyous and empowering.  My goal as your midwife is to offer you information, care and support so that you can achieve superior health for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy, and to help you deepen your belief in your own power to give birth and to parent your child.  Giving birth is a pivotal life process that offers you and your family the opportunity for great joy and growth and change.  Such an important journey deserves the personal care, attention and company of a midwife.  I look forward to serving as your midwife!

Mary’s Background:

I studied midwifery at The Maternity Center in El Paso, Texas in 1980-81 and have been in practice for almost 28 years.  My daughter was born at home in Putney in 1976, and I was privileged to be the midwife for my grandson and granddaughter, also at my home in Putney, in April 2005 and May 2008.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife and licensed in both Vermont and New Hampshire, and have a master’s degree in counseling.  I was active in the licensing of midwives in both Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as in the successful effort in both states to ensure that women wanting VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) at home or in a birth center would have access to a licensed midwife for that choice.  I serve as a Midwife Advisor to the Office of Professional Regulation in the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office and as the president of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM).

Contact Information:

Serving Southern New Hampshire, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts


907 W. Swanzey Road
Swanzey, NH  03446

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