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Concord Birth and Wellness Center

At the Birth Center...

Concord Birth and Wellness Center (CBWC) is located 1 mile off I-93 in Concord NH, in a beautiful historic building on the Merrimack River. The private birthing suites are designed with labor and birthing in mind; a safe, comfortable environment, freedom of movement, outdoor grounds to wander, private bathrooms, optimal positioning apparatus, waterbirth pools, music, etc. in a free-standing building where noise is not an issue. Family and friends are welcome. Meanwhile, you will be supported and attended by a highly-skilled, close-knit team of midwives. CBWC is part of a community-based integrated healthcare system, offering the highest standard of care.

Along with diverse practitioners working out of the center, CBWC also hosts community gatherings; mother's groups, Doula training workshops, childbirth classes, and other workshops and demonstrations. Stop by for a tour and check out our upcoming events! We are now seeing clients in our office and accepting birth center clients.

At Home.

Homebirth is the root of midwifery care and is ALWAYS an option! All equipment is mobile, including the waterbirth pool. Giving birth at home represents the best of both worlds. the warmth, comfort and privacy of home, with the security and safety of a highly-skilled midwife, providing optimal care.


Contact Information:

254 N.State St. Unit D
Concord NH 03301

(603) 228-8710
(603) 219-3400

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