New Hampshire Midwives Association


The New Hampshire Midwives Association (NHMA) is a consortium of midwives who:

  • support prepared out-of-hospital birth
  • promote high standards of midwifery practice and care
  • share ideas, information and experiences
  • provide a forum for discussion
  • promote understanding of midwifery among the general public and the medical community
  • support legislation to preserve the option of safe birth alternatives and to protect the tradition and profession of midwifery

Membership with voting privileges is open to New Hampshire Certified Midwives. Associate membership (without voting privileges) is available to all apprentice midwives, birth assistants, doulas, practicing midwives, medical professionals and members of the general public who support the standard of practice of this organization. To become a member, please contact the NHMA, c/o Anji Church. Online documents are available in the Midwifery Council section of the website.

Our Voting Members:

President: Beth Gaby
Vice President: Cindy Owen
Treasurer: Sherry Stevens
Secretary: Elizabeth Hopkinton

Cilia Bannenberg
Katherine Bramhall
Natanya Champney
Anji Church
Kathryn Cranford
Amy Darling
Cynthia Dunleavy
Brigitte Eastman
Adrian Feldhusen
Heidi Filmore-Patrick
Beth Gaby
Kate Hartwell
Valerie Jacques
Lindsay Johnston
Mary Lawlor
Katharine McCall
Christine McGraw
Cindy Owen
Rosanne Sandsbury
Annique Sampson
Sherry Stevens
Autumn Vergo

Associate Members:

Sarah Bay
Elizabeth Hopkinton
Bryn Munroe
Kim Schneeweiss
Brenda Surabian

Honorary Lifetime Members:

Honorary Members Carol Leonard and Susan BartlettSusan Bartlett
Molly B. Connelly
Carol Leonard